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At Surfacequest Ontario, we refinish commercial and residential surfaces using architectural overlay material creating a spectacular new look…

Architectural Film finishes can save you 70-80% in project cost on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces…


Surfacequest Ontario provides highly trained and certified technicians to resurface a variety of applications where a substitute finish is needed for existing worn or damaged surfaces or where a customer wants a complimentary finish in wood, stone, metal or some other expensive finish. With over 500 Architectural finish products; the Surfacequest Ontario Sales Team can assist in providing an alternative to costly construction demolition by installing over existing materials.

Our Architectural overlay products is best described as film overlay for interiors and exterior surfaces to enhance the appearance of commercial offices, retail space, residential homes and other buildings. Digital Film Architectural overlays reduce the reliance on expensive replacement finishes and/or millwork which adds to the project cost and time. Imagine a product that is an engineered alternative solution to real wood veneer, natural stone surfaces and more.

Surfacequest Ontario strives to make your Architectural Film surface applications a rewarding experience….


Our certified Architectural Digital Film installers can accomplish your company and/or individual goals while keeping your business or personal interest in mind. Our Sales Team can explain the benefits of using Architectural Film Finishes.

What you need to know about our surface laminate service and the Architectural Film product…


● we create a transformation of space from an old look to a new and refreshing look cost effectively
● if you are in business, we do the work in such a manner as to limit business impact
● certified architectural lamination technicians install the architectural film quickly with no down – time
● interior design projects using surface laminate material is finished in days as opposed to weeks of
    construction dust and disruption
● we work with customers to meet LEED requirements using Eco friendly work processes

The applications for Architectural Film are virtually endless for rebranding commercial spaces and the remodelling of residential homes. Call a Surfacequest Ontario Sales Team representative

Corporations                      Health Care                     Hospitality                     Retail
Residential                         Resorts                            Fitness Clubs              Gaming
Government                       Marine                               Banking                         Retirement Homes




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